T House (Cairns)

T-House 2010-2016 is now a past project of the Digger Collective Cairns is no more., we leave this here here so you can see how far we got and the ways we went about it

There were Three T-House streams, Food, Plant or Tech.The Start Up/Bubble Up culture is all about Collaboration, working together. If you identify in the early stages the core values that your Start Up culture has, you will find the culture creates itself, people gravitate towards being apart of something that they believe in, something that resonates within them. It takes away that hierachy model and empowers people to learn and create in a supportive environment. Having projects and spaces not only grow, but evolve is a key part to the Start Up culture.We strive to create this culture in our work and living environments. The T-House is an example of this culture it is a learning space, and we learn by doing.  If we do not have Community and Project Collaboration the wheels stop turning and the project seizes to move forward. Team work is vital in the success of a Start Up.In an environment where people can play and explore their inner desires while working together with others and having the support they need, you see people transform and become more aware and concious of their surroundings. Communities thrive through creation. People generate value by building something from nothing, and T-House empowers people to do just that.T-House is an exciting development in the maker space movement. We offer three unique areas for our community members to create in. These include the:

• Tech Makers - A tech-savvy environment for hacking and developing hardware, software, and mechanical wonders

• Plant Makers - A tropical community garden designed on the tenants of permaculture

• Food Makers - A vegetarian kitchen stocked with food purchased from ethical, sustainable sourcesT-House is a radically inclusive environment, and we invite everyone to get involved.

So, whether you live in Cairns or are simply passing through, come check out the T-House.