Digger Street

A Social Experiment - Remove the Fences, Take off the Doors, Develop Trust, Don't live in Fear

Digger Street is a living social experiment in working out ways to live outside the traditional urban/consumerist model.

It does ask some serious questions and so far it has come up with some pretty good answers.

Digger Street asks the same of each participant.

Engage in the communal processes of those who have lived here before. Be actively involved in learning new ways to provide food, pay bills, use technology in a way not achievable in the Single Unit House. This group approach allows each of us the greater privilege of having more time to pursue what is really important to one's personal self whether it be arts, environment or community building.

Some terms that might apply to Digger Street, New Urban, Co-Hosting, Intentional Community, Artist in Residence and yes that old perennial Commune