Easy As Hosting

In the beginning the Server Project applied to the Box that A Human has had since the last century. A place where you could say yes to artists and other memmetics and grant them some space without it really costing anyone anymore money, the rate was fixed.

This allowed many to play with websites for the first time, it was part of just removing what looked like a very beauracratic processes to the uninitiated

Then just because space became available it then became about I don't know how to do a website. Again a group tried to create another early Open Source under other banners.

Over time the majority of sites on this server have become Joomla.

There have been five servers over the years and there are now currently two in operation

Our goal is now to provide the sort of backup you would expect from a footprint that still honours it's social responsibility and seeks to excel at it's level of service.

it cannot use its role in Social Responsibility as a reason for poor performance.

What the server can now do is truly light years away from where it was fifteen years ago.

Since then it has been a struggle for those close to the Server itself until it became obvious, we will not develop the skillsets ourselves to stay on top of the server so begun the hunt for those that could

In 2013 we introduced paid support through the use of ODesk and Verdan joined us. He has done a wonderful job on maintaining the server until he went on holidays and A Human now grins and looks upwards.

This made me realise we need 24/7 Freelancer support and there are now three freelancers attached to the Server Group Project.

This paid support is covered via the financial support of Independent Aviation, Server Group Clients and Self Organising Systems

In May 2014 a ticketing system was introduced to make it easier for participants in Server Group to support each other with questions and support that are specific to our community.

These questions can be either death with through non freelancer response or will be elevated into the freelancer Skype Group.


 Project Details

  • Web Hosting
  • Site Design
  • Site Administration
  • Social Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Crowd Funding