July is Governance Month
  • This is a basic learning project about shared decision making. It doesn’t matter whether that shared deciding happens in the context of a horizontal or vertical authority experience. Each experience needs a type of governance used by the people participating in it. Whatever the type, it requires consistency, at least within itself. People need to understand how it works and what they are entitled to in it. People want to be able to use it, develop it, defend it, challenge it, discard it in favour of a better model. A valuable insight people might entertain about governance is it is a process that can review and reform itself even while it’s in use. But people also need to understand what governance can and can’t do. 
  • Monday 05th July 19:30 - The Basics
    Monday 12th July 19:30 - Let’s get started
    Monday 19th July 19:30 - Mixing the ingredients
    Monday 26th July 19:30 - Practices and case studies
    ​Ian has been a professional performing artist, researcher, community worker and activist for over 40 years.  He's worked with participants in youth risk and adult homelessness, survivor groups, anti-bullying, disability development, community education, public philosophy and philosophy in schools, and live-in community mentor on a social housing estate. Activist, environmentalist and artistic campaigner for social justice and anti-poverty. He has completed his Diploma in Community Services and Development, with placement in Asylum Seeker – Migrant Support and Master’s at UTAS examines the emergence and activity of new communities and actors in the Public Policy space and a Postmodern social landscape